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The writing of the book, Stitched & Sewn: The Life-Saving Art of Holocaust Survivor Trudie Strobel is generously supported by a grant from The Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture (MFJC)

Other Awards:

  • Humanitarian Award, City of LA & AFLA 

  • Los Angeles County & Anne Frank LA

  • California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition

  • Simon Wiesenthal Center, Inspiration Award

  • Zikaron BaSalon, Certificate of Appreciation



Special Thanks to the
Guardians of Trudie's Work:

​Selma Benjamin

Ruth Bernstein

Heide Caetano

Sam Egan

Donna Egan

Sara & Larry Freedman

Jona Goldrich

Charity Hume

Sam Hutman

Marcia Josephy

Francine Katz

Marilyn & Martin Kirschen

Izak & Faye Langholtz

David Loen

Mashe Loen (deceased)

Rosemary Lommel (deceased) 

Lisa Lommel

Jesse Miller

Micki Minovitz

Michael Morgenstern

Bryna Moscovitz

Pasadena Jewish Temple

Yaron S. Rabinowitz M.D. 

Ernest & Evelyn Robinson

Mark Rothman 

Randy Schoenberg

Brian and Sharon Solow

Margaret Solow

Congregation Beth Israel of Carmel

Larry and Sharon Neumann Solow 

Lee and Toni Solow

Corkey Solow

Bruce Solow (deceased)

Bernard & Phyllis Sosner

Corinne & Nicole Strobel

John & Leala Strobel

Paul Strobel 

Edie Taylor

Barbara & Zev Yaroslavsky

Abigail Yasger

Holocaust Museum LA

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