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The Curators
Maya Savin Miller
Lila Dworsky-Hickey

Maya Savin Miller is a writer, editor, and actress. A nationally ranked debater, Maya is an alumna of the Team USA World Schools debate dev team. She served as editor of the poetry department of jGirls Magazine for three years. Maya studied writing at Kenyon College and the University of Pennsylvania. She studied Jewish thought and literature at the Yiddish Book Center and with the Maimonides Scholars Program. She is an editor of (and contributor to) the forthcoming book, Salt and Honey: Jewish Teens on Feminism, Tradition and Becoming Ourselves (Behrman House Publishers).


Maya’s writing has been published in Cleaver, Polyphony, Up North Lit, Bluefire, Skipping Stones, jGirls Magazine, Cargoes, Hadassah, One Magazine and Sierra Nevada Review. Her prose, poetry and non-fiction have been recognized by Princeton University, Columbia College, Hollins College, Rider College, Scholastic, Library of Congress, Skipping Stones, and The Leyla Beban Foundation. She was a 2020 finalist for Los Angeles Youth Poet Laureate.


On the film front, her short, The Debater, premiered at the Maui Film Festival in the fall of 2021. Maya plays herself in the film and has appeared in the upcoming feature Coffee Wars as well as the documentary The Invisible Condition. Her short story, Trudie’s Goose, which was adapted to film by award-winning Israeli filmmaker, Liran Kapel, was a finalist in the 2020 Cannes Film Festival American Pavilions Filmmaker Showcase.


Founding and curating the traveling exhibition and tolerance education series Trudie Strobel: A Life In Tapestry has been one of the greatest joys and most rewarding learning experiences of Maya's life.

Lila Dworsky-Hickey attends Lewis and Clark College. As a high school student, she was a four-year varsity soccer player as well as an officer for her Youth and Government delegation. She also enjoyed her work as a teacher's aide in a kindergarten class at her local elementary school. She went on to work with a child psychologist advocating for children separated from their families at the border. Lila plans to major in psychology and continue exploring both her passion for working with kids and families as well as her interest in politics and social justice.


Curating "A Life In Tapestry" has been an extremely meaningful and rewarding experience for Lila, and working with Trudie has had an immense effect on Lila's life and worldview.

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