The Curators
Maya Savin Miller
Lila Dworsky-Hickey

A junior at Polytechnic School in Pasadena, California, Maya Savin Miller is a nationally recognized debater and a proud member of the editorial staff of jGirls Magazine. Maya is a member of the Los Angeles Service Academy and co-president of her high school's Jewish Student Union. Her prose and poetry has been published in or is forthcoming in Up North Lit, Bluefire, Skipping Stones, jGirls Magazine, Cargoes and Hadassah.  Her writing has been recognized by Princeton University, Hollins College, Rider College, Scholastic, the Library of Congress, Skipping Stones, and The Leyla Beban Foundation. 

Founding and curating "A Life In Tapestry" has been one of the greatest joys and most rewarding learning experiences of her life.

A senior at South Pasadena High School, Lila Dworsky-Hickey is wrapping up her fourth year on the Varsity soccer team and her tenure as the secretary of the South Pasadena Youth and Government Delegation. Lila works with the Karsh Family Service Center on homeless relief as well as People for a Local Ethical Economy. Curating "A Life In Tapestry" has been a great honor, and working with Trudie has had an immense effect on Lila's life and worldview.