Mission Statement

      Trudie's story-- her survival, her perseverance, her crippling depression and the art that led her out of it-- is a story that must be shared.  The tapestries she created must be seen outside of living rooms and synagogues and museums.  Trudie Strobel's life and work stand as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of expression.

       Stitched & Sewn: The Life-Saving Art of Holocaust Survivor Trudie Strobel is a book that will appeal to Jewish readerships as well as stitchers, sewers and aficionados of textile art and woven art the world over.  Scholars, collectors of Judaica, historians, rabbis, survivors and students of the Holocaust along with craftsmen from all walks of life will have an interest in this material.  There is an anthropological aspect to this book in that Trudie has resurrected the long lost Yemenite stitching techniques of the Jewish people.  Trudie Strobel’s tapestry work is unique.  


      Trudie is an exquisite speaker who makes regular appearances in the Los Angeles area, speaking about her life and her work.  She is adept at speaking to audiences of all ages.

Stitched & Sewn: The Life-Saving Art of Holocaust Survivor Trudie Strobel by Jody Savin (published by Prospect Park Books)

Photo Credits:  Trudie Strobel portrait  + Trudie's art photographed by Ann Elliott Cutting (www.cutting.com.)

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